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Flow Meter Working System on Flow Meter

In the distribution infrastructure system for water, gas, oil, and other manufacturers, many use flow meters to measure the flow in them. The flow meter in this flow meter utilizes electrical and mechanical subsystems to measure the physical changes of the fluid and the flow in it.



Flow Meter Working System


1. Positive Displacement Flow Meter


This flow meter system is a flow meter that measures flow volume directly. This system is used in Tokico flow meters. The measured fluid will flow in a space with a volume according to its design, then the fluid will be transferred to another space, due to the rotation of the room from the fluid pressure. The flow meter space here serves to calculate the volume of fluid flowing in it.


2. Velocity Flow Meter


The flow meter uses a technique to measure the velocity of the flow which is calculated by the cross-sectional area of ​​the flow path, so that the flow rate is found. To read the velocity, it is usually necessary to use a sensor that can generate a signal and forward it to the transmitter.


3. Inferential Flow Meter


This flow meter does not measure volume, velocity or mass, but measures flow by inferring its value from other measured parameters such as pressure differences or the position of the sensor area.


4. Differential Pressure Flow Meter


The operating principle of Differential Pressure Flowmeters (DP Flowmeters) is based on the Bernoulli equation which describes the relationship between pressure and velocity in a fluid flow. This device guides flow into a flow barrier (which has holes with a diameter different from the pipe diameter), thereby causing a change in flow velocity and pressure between the upstream and downstream sides of the barrier. By measuring the change in pressure, the flow velocity can be calculated.


Here are some working systems that are on the flow meter.


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